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Happy B-Day HKS

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  • Happy B-Day HKS

    Hope you have a great day Mr. Siegl. Get out there and tear something apart in the Bird so you can continue to give us great updates/questions.
    Bill Coates-Canfield, Ohio
    2003 -THE GREY GHOST- MSG, Saddle with Saddle dash kit, door panels, boot and visors

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    It's Lincoln Time!


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      Happy Birthday Hermann!! ​​​​​​​
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        Thanks everyone,

        I am going to stop getting old (mentally).
        Right now I have Kay on Hospice Care. I have a nurse and aide visiting twice a week (one after the other) and have not found time to have the Tbird oil changed. Everyone is too busy, and waiting time exceeds 2 hours.

        In the olden days the oil drain plug was in the back of the oil pan and you could drive up on ramps to change oil. The Limeys (term of endearment) put the drain plug in front of the oil pan so the car has to sit level.

        Still just thinking about doing it. I also plan to put the Ford synthetic blend oil in. The full synthetic is almost impossible to see on the dip stick since it drains off so fast.

        Kay has no idea it is my Birthday.
        Hermann Karl Siegl

        P.S. I was named after Albert Einsteins father (Hermann).
        Middle name is from my uncle Karl (godfather) who was in the Czech Navy. Will sent picture if you are interested. Must have been Czech coast guard on the Danube.
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        2002 Motor Trend COTY Blue/White/Full #24737 (One of 291)
        2015 Ford Escape Titanium 2.0T 240HP, 270FP Torque


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          Happy Birthday, Hermann! You’re a good man. Your beloved Kay has been fighting the good fight for a long time. She is trying to stay with you. May God bless you both.


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            Yes, there is a Czech navy.



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              Happy Birthday! May you have many more !