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    Yes, my fuel pump has failed on my 02 bird at 5,000 miles. Have always used the high octane fuel and because of not frequently driving, have always added fuel stabilizers Sta-Bil or Sea Foam. I am researching now on having the fuel pump replaced along with the transfer pump. Car will not start and fuel pressure at "0". Prices range anywhere from $800.00 to $1400.00 which includes the labor, and none of the estimates are from Ford or they would be a lot higher. Have also replaced all 8 COPs, much to my dissatisfaction. I have owned the vehicle since it was new and love it, but very disappointed with the cost of maintenance and NO help from Ford on the COPs!! and now this!! Unbelievable to only have 5,000 miles and to have this expense. Besides not driving it much, what am I doing wrong?