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  • Summer's Over

    Hello Everyone, I have my ' 02 just over a year and I met my third and forth T'Bird owners. Neither did their own maintence or had to hunt for parts. (low low miles). I felt bad for number four. He had cop troubles and brought his '02 to the dealer. (OUCH!) . Eight coils and eight plugs. 800 BUCKS!! (OUCH AGAIN!!). This past weekend I went to I biggest car show In NY State. (2000 cars maybe). I was not entered, ( '02 -- too new) but there was a tremendous amount of cars on the street. At the four day event I saw only one other T'Bird. Black. Was it one of you guys? Lastly, In the 300 mile round trip, The car performed great and I got lots of thumbs up! --- Alan

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    Alan, glad you had a great time in the Bird and that she performed well.

    But..............Summer isn't over 'til the World Series ends and the Hardtop goes on.

    today we went to the fruit farm and had freshly made subs, homemade donuts, and drank apple cider til it came out our ears.

    Life is good when summer goes on to November.
    Bill Coates-Canfield, Ohio
    2003 -THE GREY GHOST- MSG, Saddle with Saddle dash kit, door panels, boot and visors


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        Summer's over?

        Best Joey-ism (Friends) ever:
        "The point is Moo. It's like a cow's's 'Moo'."


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          Originally posted by AZTB View Post
          Summer's over?

          Maybe for some people, huh Jim?!

          It's not a 97 Sport, it just looks like one!


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            It's all relative.

            Be just what you is, not what you is not. Folks what do this is the happiest lot.....Mr. Wizard the Lizard

            The trouble with quotes on the internet is that you can never know for sure if they are genuine.....Abraham Lincoln


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              Summer's over?

              :Not where We live (-:


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                Looking at low 90s here all next week. Summer's back ......
                16 years, 147K miles, 48 States & DC, 9 Canadian provinces, 8 European countries, 3 Caribbean Islands, 3 Hawaiian Islands, 100+ National Park locations, 100+ T-bird events, 160+ retrobird diecasts/models, 10 TOTM pics & some very special friends...THANKS to TBN !


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                  Ask the kids that went back to school a few weeks ago (IF SUMMER IS OVER!) --- Ha!


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                    Originally posted by 2K2BIRD View Post
                    Looking at low 90s here all next week. Summer's back ......
                    Sure back here, wasn't gone very long.
                    02 Nieman Marcus-SS htp-f/sil. #165 - 21 states-Dc
                    02 TB-TB htp-p/blue acc.-Nancy Gioia-22 states-DC
                    03 007-Coral htp-f/white acc. #468 7 states
                    03 WW-WW htp-p/red 8 states
                    04 VMG-VMG htp-p/white #137 - 20 states-DC
                    04 PCR-Ash htp f/ash acc. #101 - 19 states-DC
                    04 Merlot-Merlot htp-sand-B.Grassnig- 28 states-DC
                    04 TR-TR htp-sand 7 states
                    04 LIB-LIB htp-p/white 15 states-DC
                    05 Cashmere htp-stone #408 -3 states
                    05 IG-IG htp-p/white #82 - 48&DC
                    05 Dusk Rose-DR & C/mere htps-cashmere seats - 48&DC


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                      Some of us, transplanted from the North, are grateful that summer is over here in Charleston, SC. Now it's time to remove the hardtop on Roxy and use the softtop whenever the mood for top down driving strikes you. There is only one month where it gets a little cold and that's January, heated seats are the only heat you need here, even in January.

                      When we scouted Charleston back in 1988 we came in October. It was beautiful, warm but with cool breezes. No biting gnats, didn't see any giant roaches (Palmetto Bugs are the euphemism for them here), all in all similar to California. So for those of you who would like to visit Charleston, "Come in October or November". Assuming of course there are no Hurricanes coming here too.
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                        Forecast here is for high 70's and low 80's all this week and into the high 60's next week.


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                          Forecast here is for sun and 85 degrees all week. Summer has really just arrived, weather-wise, in Southern Ontario ! Hopefully we'll have another 3-4 weeks of top-down driving enjoyment in this neck of the woods before the nights get cold and we need to get the fireplaces stoked and ready !


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                            Summer is not quite over here in Eastern Washington State but the temps have certainly dropped from the low 100s & hi 90s into the hi 70s & 80s so Fall is certainly coming. Last night we actually had a real rain, almost a 1/2 inch. We haven't had rain since late May, in places the ground is concrete hard, the rain just ran off like it would on pavement. But the rain has cleaned up the air, it has been smokeless for over 24hrs. This is another great relief, many of the wildfires are going out with the rain fall & drop in temperatures in the mountains.

                            Now the great annual dilemma--- When to put the HT on? October usually has a great Indian Summer as the leave change but October I'll be on the road over the Rockies to the New Orleans Event.



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                              Staying pretty warm for the next nine days here in North Jersey. Also, not much rain expected. (Which, depending where you live, can be a good thing or a bad thing.)
                              2010 Explorer Limited Edition, tri color white, camel interior
                              2003 TBird black/saddle
                              1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL conv't turq/black
                              2004 Lincoln LS 8 Sport light tundra metallic/medium stone