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ABS module replacement question

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  • ABS module replacement question

    I'm getting the dreaded (okay,, ABS error lights. They come and go. My guy checked the sensors and said it's the module. My car is described (thanks Quickdraw) as:

    Description: 2003 premium Evening Black body and hardtop, standard black interior, no SST, 7 spoke chrome wheels.

    The module I am looking to buy (at a fair price) says "without advance trac". How do I know if my car has this option ?? I found a place that fixes modules which is more expensive than the vendor selling the module, but obviously I want the correct one. It's stated as "OEM used" 2003 Thunderbird ABS module/pump B115925528G.

    I'm told by Quickdraw that I "most certainly have traction control" and I do have a button on the lower left dash that appears to be a switch for it...

    Anyone ? Does this look correct ?

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    I believe advance trac is "traction control" and there is a button on the very lower left driver's side dash. I would think if you have that button you have advance trac /traction control, which by the way is a function of the ABS system


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      It sounds like that traction control module is not part of the ABS module. Perhaps it plugs into it ??

      The impression I get is the traction control portion is not included in the $ 100.00 price for the "ABS module". IF it's a separate part, then I'll just get the ABS module as pictured and keep my traction control module (presumably).


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        Assembly (traction control) (without AdvanceTrac, IVD)

        I'm reading that to mean that it comes with traction control but not AdvanceTrac. (I don't believe our cars have AdvanceTrac)

        Where is the module located? How many miles have your driven after you unplugged your battery and re-set the system? I'm asking because I've had several mechanics suggest to drive the car for awhile to see if it goes away. With the sensors, I've had to replace them about 50% of the time when I got the light (the other times it just turned off and everything was fine)
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          To verify Just what any car came from the factory call your local dealership parts department and tell them your vin# and they can tell you just what it was made with.
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