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  • Cops connectors....

    My bird was running good some days, awful others. Seemed like COPS from all I read and I bought the $40.00 kit on Amazon. In the process of changing them, my mechanic showed me how more than half the plug connectors didn't lock in because the locking pin was broken off and missing.

    He greased the connector pins and added a dab of silicone to the loose plugs when assembling them and it runs like a rocket ! I assume a prior "mechanic" broke these. Are these available to replace in the future when cops time comes around again ?

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    I replaced one recently, they where on the shelf at my local auto parts store.


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      They are available at the NAPA stores. If you have read any of my postings on COPS, you saw I am a strong believer in recommending changing the boots and connectors with every COP and plug change. I believe a lot of the early COP failures had cracked boots and poor connectors contact as the root cause of the failure. I keep a tube of dielectric grease on my work bench especially for this application, also found at NAPA. It works so good, I now use it on all electrical connections.


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        Excellent to know !! Thanks guys.


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          I use plastic tie strips when this happens.