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    The previous owner of mine kept hardtop on most of the time even in Fla. I think keeping top down for extended time shortens the soft top life. However We are in Fl. as was 1st owner and heat and humidity is a big issue. Right now it's way to hot for top down and nights are to d amp. The car was 7 years old when we bought it and the top showed abnormal wear from being down almost full time.


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      Originally posted by Quickdraw View Post
      I store mine with the top up, but unlatched. Seems this would keep the top from forming permanent wrinkles, or mildew, from the folded top. Leaving it unlatched allows the top to relax a bit.
      This was the recommendation I got from the FORD VP of Quality at Wixom. He didn't have any suggestions for me when I told him I drove the car all winter with the hardtop on.