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    It seems TBN has new members joining on a regular basis....That's Great! One of the unique TBN activities that you won't find on most other car sites is the opportunity to meet members at events throughout the year. Usually four-day weekends where we get together and have a blast socializing, driving our Birds and discovering new parts of the country. Many great friendships have been formed and there are many stories... legendary stories of what happens when 50 retro Birds hit the road and spend a weekend enjoying our cars.

    There are still a few slots open for our upcoming Northern Lakes Getaway event in August....Break the ice and jump will be hooked.

    Check out the activities here.

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    "Break the ice" now you have me worried, I thought you said it would be warm in Minnesota in August.
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      Originally posted by 4LOWBIRDS+8 View Post
      "Break the ice" now you have me worried,.......
      Sorry Ron, you are thinking the wrong type of ice...

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        Mmmmmmm i like ice
        I Started out with nothing and I still got most of it left


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          Originally posted by Fredrik73 View Post
          Mmmmmmm i like ice
          I hear that Sweden only has two seasons. They are ice and August. Or was that Iceland?

          Ron is too cool for anymore ice.


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            Yes the swedish summer is the best day on the year
            I Started out with nothing and I still got most of it left


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              I was looking just for fun, is the closest AirPort Duluth or Minneapolis for the event
              because it looks like it cost 700$ to fly from copenhagen on that date
              I Started out with nothing and I still got most of it left


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                Duluth is about 50 miles closer but there are probably more flights to Minneapolis.


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                  Actually, Fargo/Moorehead airport is the closest.