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Timing chain and tensioners, time to change ?

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  • Timing chain and tensioners, time to change ?

    Hello all, how many of you replaced the chain and or tensioners ? I have an ‘02 with 90k, no rattles on startup, runs great so far but wonder if it should be replaced or not..

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    Ford’s maintenance guide goes up to 150K and does not call for changing it. Comes down to your own peace of mind.


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      185000 miles and no service to those named areas. Frankly, I've not heard of anyone doing a timing chain service.
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        I don't think its necessary unless it is making noise.


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          Good to hear ! No noise on mine, so i’ll let it be... thanks all.


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            My Thunderbird has 50,000 miles on it. As noted in a previous post, it all started with a P0345 Code - Left side Cam Sensor issue. On very infrequent times starting, I would hear the chains rattling. After replacing the sensors and testing all the wiring with no improved results, I decided to change the timing chains. I didn't find that the chains were loose, and the guides were OK. I did notice that one tensioner may have been a little weak. I replaced the four timing chains, tensioners, and guides. This was a very involved and time-consuming task. The replacement instructions are listed in the 2003 Thunderbird service manual. This did not solve my error code problem.

            Next I went back and again followed the Ford wiring test protocols and did not find a problem until I tested the circuit through the PCM. This is where I found the fault. I replaced the PCM.


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              Seems like everything eventually leads to a module.


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                The only issues I have heard of in this area were on Mercedes Benz. Being that it's a Jag. engine it may have some Euro. characteristics but I certainly am not worried. This also is likely to hive a warning long before an actual problem occurs. Also today's plastic pulleys with some age c give off some weird sounds, especially on some Ford products.


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                  Originally posted by Rondor View Post
                  The only issues I have heard of in this area were on Mercedes Benz. Being that it's a Jag. engine it may have some Euro. characteristics .
                  Interesting observation on the European characteristics Ron. My second fun car is a Volvo C70 retractable hardtop/convertible. On the Swedespeed website asking more questions than I did 8 years ago when I landed here. (some folks are probably asking how is that possible!)

                  One of the first questions I asked on that website was about plugs and cops. Everyone said 75,000 for the plug change and confusion on the cops. One gent even said "why think of changing the coils--they NEVER go bad." ?????

                  Now the timing belt is a completely different story. Ten years or 100,000 miles. As it has an "Interference Engine" the belt goes and engine is toast. Story after story of timing belt going. I flew to Connecticut to pick up a meticulously cared for car but we negotiated splitting the timing belt repair of $800+. Done at a local Bosch certified garage the owner showed me the tensioner that came off in his hand when he opened her up. Said I never would have made the 550 mile trip home. Must be a European thing as Ron mentioned.

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