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    Of the 59 full blown National Parks, how many have you been to?

    Seems I've been to 35 of them, virtually all with fellow TBN members. We've also been to dozens of national monuments, historic sites, battlefield parks, military parks, lakeshores, seashores and recreation areas.

    To help you remember which ones you have been to, you can take the National Park survey here:

    They forgot to list Great Falls National Park along the Potomac River. A bunch of us visited it during DC THUNDER and BEYOND. That bumps me to 36.
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    Re: National Parks

    You have been to 20 parks!

    That's quite impressive, but you're still just a junior park ranger.

    That is the message I got ^

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      Re: National Parks

      I've been to 33. Maybe I can work some more in the attempt to visit the rest of 48 states next year. It would be worth the effort.


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        Re: National Parks

        I used to work for a guy who was divorced and had his sons for two weeks every year. The three of them visited every park over a span of several years.
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          Re: National Parks

          I came up with 28 + the one not listed as Paul said. So a total of 29
          If I add the White House the Number goes up to 30
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            Re: National Parks

            I need to get out more - only got 13. Only 10 more years until retirement............


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              Re: National Parks

              If you have amazon prime you can watch the program from PBS on the National Parks. Just loaded it in my to watch list.
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                Re: National Parks

                David and I have been to 38 of the 59 parks plus many more national monuments, historic sites, battlefield parks, military parks, lakeshores, seashores and recreation areas as Paul said. Since we too were on the DC trip, we can add Great Falls National Park along the Potomac River which gives us 39 National Parks!!
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                  Re: National Parks

                  Add this one: I didn't realize this was a National Park.

                  Every day, tourists flock to the gates of the White House to admire the verdant, impeccably groomed grounds. But they may be unaware that the house and grounds, collectively known as President's Park, is designated as one of 59 U.S. National Parks. President's Park, spanning 18 acres, is immaculately maintained by 13 staff members, among them eight gardeners and a chief horticulturist.
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                    Re: National Parks

                    George & I have visited 32 of them over the years, some several times. Nice list.Some we have drove by but never visited. Will have to do that sometime.
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                      Re: National Parks

                      Today we're going to a National Parks & Monuments of Southwest Arizona Bioblitz! Like Saguaro National Park, Tumacacori National Historic Park to name some....2 hour presentation