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  • Big Teasy 2017 Official Thread

    SORRY FOLKS! Regular registration is closed .
    However we are forming a standby list through August 15, 2017. At that time if there are any cancellations we will go to the list and work from the top down. Send your request for standby list placement to Bonnie via email.

    Sunday, October 15th thru Wednesday, October 18th 2017

    We will not be following the typical TBN event schedule for arriving on Wednesday and departing on Sunday because of the week-end prime-time rates for New Orleans venues, hotel rooms and availability. If we booked hotel rooms for Fridays and Saturdays the cost of rooms reach or exceed $200 per night. Also some of our venues are much more reasonable on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

    So, we have built the BIG TEASY around a LIGHTS, CAMERA, SHOW BIZ THEME and your arrival will be on Sunday October 15th. After you check-in at the Holiday Inn Superdome you will meet up with the gang at the NCIS New Orleans sound stages and studio. We will have a small hospitality suite at the studio and you will tour the production's 10 sets in three sound stages. You also will be able to put yourself on a green screen stage (we call it the Holodeck) and be transported to "Who Knows Where". The sound recording studio will be open and you will be able to record your own CD with a group of attendees. Also the studio tour includes a fantastic collection of Victorian Pre-Cinema Era, optical devices ( 100 year old machines and devices) that led to the Birth of the Movies.

    At 5PM following NCIS the studio tour activities we will caravan to Piccadilly for dinner and then to hotel to take care of final registration. There will be time to unwind in the hotel lounge..... On Monday we will have a very full day and evening of activities.

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    Re: Big Teasy

    Holiday Inn Superdome
    330 Loyola Avenue
    New Orleans, LA 70112

    To Make Phone Reservations:
    Follow this Procedure Precisely. DO NOT CALL THE HOLIDAY INN 800 NUMBER
    1 Dial 504-581-1600
    2 When Recording starts to play PRESS 0 (zero)
    3 Tell Operator you want " IN-HOUSE RESERVATIONS for the Thunderbird group.. BLOCK Code:TDB"
    4 Refer to Block Code: TDB
    5. Have your arrival and departure dates ready.


    Room Rate and Options....
    Room with King Bed $113. or Room with Two Queen Beds $113
    Room Package:
    Nightly Room Rate:--------$113
    NOLA Room Tax -----------15.75%
    Room Occupancy Tax ---- $1
    TOTAL PER NIGHT -------$131.80
    NOTE: Regular Indoor Parking Rate: $30 per day per room. ( We have negotiated this rate to:FREE)
    AVAILABLE HOTEL ROOMS IS LIMITED TO 60 ROOMS and cannot be increased
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      Re: Big Teasy

      Please Note: Schedule is a-work-in-progress and is subject to modifications

      ....................Hotel Registration starts at 3PM----Arrival and Registration
      After you stop at Hotel to pick up your hotel parking pass you will GPS drive to NCIS New Orleans Studios for Meet and Greet tours.
      -------------------Tour NCIS New Orleans Sound Stages
      --------------------NCIS New Orleans Bloopers Screening
      -------------------Tour the "Birth of Cinema Exhibit"
      6:00 PM .......Caravan to Piccadilly for dinner
      & Auction #1.

      7:00 PM------Caravan to Hotel --Meet and Greet in Hotel Lounge

      8:30 AM------Caravan to Lafitte National Park
      9:15 AM -----Lafitte Swamp Tour--See wildlife and movie swamp set for NCIS New Orleans and Pelican Brief
      NOON-----.---Swamp Site Picnic Lunch
      1:00 PM------Caravan to Destrahan Plantation tour
      ...................Return to Hotel via GPS

      5:00 PM----- Caravan to the Slidell "Movie Sets Speak Easy 1920'-30's Costume Party" and the Shooting of TBN's
      ................. Speak Easy Party Movie with famous German expressionist
      ................. silent film director Baron Erikki Von Stronberg
      ----------------- Music by Arnie Johnson and the Dynamics
      ..................After "Speak Easy Party" we will launch the largest SONIC Invasion in TBN History
      8:00 PM-----Caravan to Holiday Inn Hospitality Suite

      Note: ........Free Bus to Cafe du Monde for 9AM.
      9:00 AM--- Cafe Du Monde for café au lait and beignets in the French Quarter. OYO
      10:00 AM--- New Orleans School of Cooking Show includes Lunch
      1:30 PM---- Explore Miss Bonnie's Guide to The French Quarter
      ---------------Explore The French Market
      ---------------Explore Jackson Square Art Market & Street Performers
      ---------------............The Voodoo Museum
      ---------------Explore Royal Street Shopping
      ---------------Explore Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop
      ---------------Explore Pirate Alley
      ---------------Explore Bourbon Street
      ---------------Explore Mississippi Riverfront Park

      5 PM--- .......Form Your French Quarter groups for OYO dinner.... then walk to One-Eyed-Jacks

      7:00 PM---- One-Eyed Jacks, Cabaret Fleur de Tease Stage Show - French Quarter.
      -------------- - "Jack's" will be closed for this TBN private party.
      .8:00 ..........Mingle for picture taking with Cast and Cash Bar Cocktails after Stage Show
      ................ .(Private Bus to transport everyone from "Jack's" to Holiday Inn after the show.)
      9:00 PM---- -Hospitality Suite Open
      --------------- Special "Believe or Not" Presentation .

      9AM...................Note: Free Bus to Cafe du Monde for your morning café au lait and beignets in the French Quarter OYO
      10:30--1:30 PM----Natchez River Boat Jazz Cruise
      ........................ LUNCH OYO

      2:00-4 PM--.....- -Carriage Rides through the French Quarter
      4:30 ..................Meet Bus for transportation to hotel.
      4:30-6:30 ...........Pre-Dinner Hospitality
      6:30 PM----......---Hotel Banquet and Gala Premiere of TBN Movie footage "The Big Teasy"
      .........................Big Teasy Hall of Fame Awards
      -------------'''''''''----D Dancing ....Music by the James Martin Band

      9AM--11AM .......Open House Departure Coffee, Mimosas and Danish at Benischek's Bayou Retreat
      Schedule is Subject to Change
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        Please note: number of cars will not match number of rooms booked.

        Names in BLUE=Hotel Registered
        Names in RED= Event Registration Paid and Ready to Roll!
        Names in BLACK= Local
        Number of States 24 & 2 Canada

        Roger and Bonnie (Vintage Merlot & I Got Shotgun) Merlot LA
        Mike and Evelyn (steelblue5505) MSB WA
        Paul and Rosetta (2K2BIRD & Ms2K2BIRD) Red OK
        Ray and Sharon (Rays 007 #15) 007 GA
        Mike and Debbie (redfire1 & bluefire) Merlot GA

        Keith and Janet (KeithWY) MSG VA
        Lou and Toni (Black Bird) Vettmobile Red MO
        Jim and Nancy (Fitz) Black FL
        Kevin and Diane (MISTYEYED829) Merlot IN
        Joe and Marie (03TEEBIRD) White NC

        Linda (lbyh20s) TB Blue NC
        Steve and Phyllis (StevenM) White FL
        Jim and Regina (TeeBrd ) Blue TX
        Greg and Jane (Black Beauty) Black MN
        Rick and Julie (hayjulz)Cashmere CA

        Jon and Cheri (carntz) TB Blue ID
        Dave and Carol (dcrichards)02 TB Blue TX
        Gary and Lynda (toysax & Lyndad) Merlot GA
        Ron and Liz (4LOWBIRDS+6 & Sharehisbirds) TBD TN
        Tanya and Pamela (STR) TB Blue FL

        Jerry and Kim (SugarDaddy & SugarBabe) Black CA
        Roger and Sharon (RQTBIRD & Mrs Q-TBIRD)White MN
        Steve and Karen (65BSTEVE) MSB FL
        Tom and Kaye (Black Hawk 03)Black MS
        Steve and Donna (valkyrie & TBIRDLUV) Merlot GA

        Bill Green (15AGAIN) Red AR
        Nolen and Barbara (NOLEN) White FL
        Lisa and Charles (sewsewsweet) CA
        Dave (Tbear) TBA TX
        Jeff and Rhonda (seatcover & R-04-Merlot) Merlot GA

        Doug and Sharon (RustyFrye) MSG NJ
        Mike and Karen (MEK04) Silver Canada
        Spence and Judy (Gobird)Tbird Blue FL
        Nancy and Tom Gioia (Special Guests)TBA MI
        Mike and Barbara (miketx)Merlot TX

        Bob and Virginia (cpubob) MSG FL
        Bill and Nancy (longbill) Steel Blue Canada
        Charlie and Margaret (SixPac & Ms Mitchell) PCR MS
        Richard and Gordon (Birdlover) VMG FL
        Roland and Kay (rekyle) White MS

        Skip and Barb (SKIP) Red MD
        Bill and Gerri (wcoates) Grey OH
        Karl and Meritta (SkruffyBirdOwner)Black OH
        Will and Sharon (Will) Ice Blue NC
        Peter and Robin (pzierden)Inca WI

        Pat and Connie (94mcd & Ms94mcd) Red PA
        David and Jeannie (DavidA & LuvOurBird) Black GA
        Steve and Cathy (BABird) Red MD
        Tom and Louise (twhiller & 0357) White PA
        Issy and Claudia (ISSYRO) White GA

        MT and Dorothy (drembrd) White KS
        Dan and Elaine (dewdrop) TBA TN
        Nancy (TBRD2) Tbrd Blue TN
        John and Ginny (JohnGarfield) Gold TX

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          Re: Big Official 2017 Official Thread

          Charlie and I will be there to join in on the fun. Hotel reservations have been made.


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            Re: Big Official 2017 Official Thread

            Liz and I will be there for sure.
            02 Nieman Marcus-SS htp-f/sil. acc.#165 - 21 states-Dc
            02 TB-TB htp-p/blue acc.-Nancy Gioia-22 states-DC
            03 007-Coral htp-f/white acc. #468 7 states
            03 WW-WW htp-p/red 8 states
            04 VMG-VMG htp-p/white #137 - 17 states-DC
            04 PCR-Ash htp f/ash acc. #101 - 19 states-DC
            04 Merlot-Merlot htp-sand-Bill Grassnig- 16 states-DC
            04 TR-TR htp-sand 5 states
            04 LIB-LIB htp-p/white 5 states-DC
            05 IG-IG htp-p/white acc.t #82 - 48 states-DC
            05 Dusk Rose-DR & C/mere htps-cashmere seats - 48 states-DC


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              Re: Big Official 2017 Official Thread

              I'm in!

              It's better to be seen than viewed!


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                Re: Big Official 2017 Official Thread

                Phyllis and Steve from Pensacola will be there! Laissez les bons temps rouler!!
                Pensacola, FL
                02 Whisper White


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                  Re: Big Official 2017 Official Thread

                  David & Jeannie -- count us in
                  Unbelivable TBN trips including ALL of the lower 48 States plus 9 Canadian Provinces, 8 European Countries, 3 Caribbean Countries, Countless National Parks and have attended over 100 TBN Events since 2001 and counting. Best of all ... fabulous friends.


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                    Re: Big Official 2017 Official Thread

                    We're in will call hotel in the morning.
                    They are Here. Scotty, beam me up!
                    IT'S 5 O'CLOCK SOMEWHERE
                    Visit the TBN Store


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                      Re: Big Official 2017 Official Thread

                      I think this will work for us. Sharon is getting excited already. I'll be calling hotel in the morning.
                      Roger & Sharon Q


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                        Re: Big Official 2017 Official Thread

                        Roger we can only afford one TBN trip this year and the boss says we go to New Orleans...will make reservations tomorrow! By that time Black Beauty will have her hard top on..


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                          Re: Big Official 2017 Official Thread

                          I am in, but do not need to be listed twice. I like the one from AR best!!!
                          Birds of the 48
                          15AGAIN has been in 48 States and 9 Canadian Provinces. Travelled many miles with great friends-- "Priceless"


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                            Re: Big Official 2017 Official Thread

                            "Who Dat?"
                            lyrics from 1937:
                            Who dat up there who's dat down there
                            Who dat up there who dat well down there
                            Who's dat up there, sayin' who's dat down there
                            When I see you up there well who's dat down there
                            Who dat inside who's dat outside
                            Who's dat inside who dat well outside
                            Who's dat inside, singin' who's dat outside
                            When I see up there well who's dat out there
                            Button up your lip there big boy
                            Stop answerin' back
                            Give you a tip there big boy
                            Announce yourself jack
                            Who dat up there who's dat down there
                            Who dat up there who dat, well down there
                            Who's dat up there, singin' who's dat down there
                            When I see you up there you bum
                            Well who's dat down there
                            Who dat
                            Bird is the word.....
                            Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats. H. L. Mencken US editor (1880 - 1956)


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                              Re: Big Official 2017 Official Thread

                              Count us in and whoo hooo the 18th is Jon's 70th birthday to be spent in New Orleans.
                              RESERVATIONS ARE MADE.

                              Jon & Cheri
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