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  • Forgot your password or username?

    For those who have forgotten their password and/or username, the forum offers an automated method to get you in. Here's how:

    For this method to work, you must know the email address in your TBN account. That address must still be active and accessible to you. You will need to type that email address in during the process, so have it handy.

    (1) Click here to start the process (opens a new browser window so these instructions will remain available).

    (2) You'll go to a page that asks you to enter your "registered email address" into an input field. This is the email address in your TBN account. Type the address into the field provided, then click the "Request Username / Password Now" button.

    (3) If the email address you entered matches the one in your TBN account, then you will briefly see a page with the message, "Your username and details about how to reset your password have been sent to you by email."... continue with step 5 below. If the email address you entered does not match, a different message will appear, advising you to contact the administrator (click the provided link and fill out the form to email your request to the administrator).

    (4) If the email address you entered matches the one in your account, you should receive an email from " - Thunderbird Forums []" with a subject line of "Your login details for - Thunderbird Forums." Open that email.

    (5) The email contains your usernaame (toward the bottom) and further instructions for resetting your password. If all you needed was your username, then you're done!

    (6) If you forgot your password, then follow the additional instructions contained in the email.
    Caution! Clicking the first link in the email will reset your password! So if you're just messing around and you don't really want to reset your password, don't click that link!!!
    Essentially, you will click the first link provided in that email. Clicking that link will reset your password to some random sequence, then the site will send you a second email containing your username and new password, which you can use to log into TBN. Once you are logged in, you can manually change your password to something you prefer (see below for how).

    To manually change your password click here to go right to the "Edit Email & Password" page (only works if you're logged in). Alternatively, you can access your Profile and go from there. To get to your Profile, open the "Quick Links" menu at the top-right of the page, then select "Edit Profile" from the menu. On the Profile page, toward the top, click the "Edit Email & Password" button. that takes you to the page where you can change your password (hint: where it says "Enter your present password to continue" you'll enter the password that was emailed to you.). Note that you can also change your TBN account's email address on this same page.

    Hope that helps,