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  • Registration trouble?

    Some folks try to register as a new member with TBN, but encounter some difficulties completing the process. First, we'd like to thank you for being interested enough to register. Second, we'd like to go over a couple of common issues that prevent people from successfully completing the registration process.

    The registration process at TBN is completely automated. It all starts out on the Initial Registration Page, where you read and agree to TBN's Forum Rules. Once you're past that page, you fill out a form with some basic information about yourself, answer a question or two, and decide what username and password you'd like to use for your account. Part of the information you provide is an email address. This email address is absolutely crucial to successfully completing the registration process, and this is the usually the root of the problem for most people who have trouble completing the process. Here are some tips that may help you complete the process:

    (1) When you submit your completed registration form, the site will automatically send a confirmation email to the address you provided. That email explains the remaining actions to take to complete your registration. If you do not receive that email you cannot complete the process and the account will not be activated!

    (2) The email address must be valid! If it isn't, then you will never receive your confirmation email.

    (3) The email address must be accurate! A typo in the address will derail the process. That's why the registration form requires you to enter your email address twice. Do not copy from one field and paste into the other! If you do so, and you made a typo in the first field, the second field will be identical... confirming your email address with a typo in it! What happens when the address is inaccurate? The confirmation email is sent to the errant address instead of your real address.

    (4) There are various mechanisms that can prevent our automated confirmaiton email from reaching your inbox. These mechanisms (e.g., spam filters) are completely on the clinet side... that's you! We have no control over your email software or account, so it is up to you to make sure that you can receive our email. The following are some things to check:

    (5) Some email software and services filter out automated emails. Make sure that your account can receive automated emails from us. This is particularly true of various web-based email providers, like Hotmail, GMail, and Yahoo Mail. Most email services and software have some sort of "white list" or "trusted address list" where you can enter trusted email address or domains to let through. Our domain name is Automated emails, including the registration confirmation email, come from

    (6) Some email accounts or services are protected with automated spam filters. These spam filters may prevent our automated emails from reaching your inbox. Make sure that is entered into your spam filter's "friendly address list" or "white list" (or equivalent) so that our registration confirmation email is not filtered out by your spam filter. We do not send spam; we only send what you ask us to send.

    (7) Some email services are configured to send their own confirmation request, and requires a reply, before email from a new address is accepted. This is another anti-spam mechanism. It goes like this: You regsiter, then (TBN) automatically sends its confirmation email to you. Then your account automatically replies to our email, requesting confirmation that TBN sent you a confirmation request. Then we would have to manually confirm the email from your account, so that you can receive our confirmation email, so that you can confirm your registration, so that your account will be activated. Whew! Too much! TBN is a hobby site. It's free. We have only two admins, both of whom are pretty busy most days. We may not see your automated confirmation request. Even if we do, we may not have time to respond to it right away, and then we may forget (we're only human)... and you'll never receive your registration confirmation.

    (8) One of our most recent problems was, again, that the registration confirmation email never reached the registrant... this time, because her inbox was full! If your email service provider limits the number of emails your inbox will hold, please ensure that you are not at your limit so that you can receive our confirmation email.

    If you want to join TBN, we welcome you with enthusiasm and free of charge, and we appreciate your interest! But we ask you to take steps to ensure that your email account and/or service can receive the emails the site sends out. That way, there will not be a hitch in completing the registration process.

    Hope that helps,

    Kevin - Lincoln, NE
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