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Heartland Chapter Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma

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Ron Elizabethton, TN Donating Member
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Re: Georgia Caravan to Thunder In The Ozarks

We would have liked to join, but we had other fish to fry.
02 Nieman Marcus-SS htp-f/sil. acc.#165 - 21 states-Dc
02 TB-TB htp-p/blue acc.-Nancy Gioia-22 states-DC
03 007-Coral htp-f/white acc. #468 7 states
03 WW-WW htp-p/red 8 states
04 VMG-VMG htp-p/white #137 - 17 states-DC
04 PCR-Ash htp f/ash acc. #101 - 19 states-DC
04 Merlot-Merlot htp-sand-Bill Grassnig- 16 states-DC
04 TR-TR htp-sand 5 states
04 LIB-LIB htp-p/white 5 states-DC
05 IG-IG htp-p/white acc.t #82 -34 states-DC
05 Dusk Rose-DR & C/mere htps-cashmere seats - 48 states-DC
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