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Bill, Rogers, AR
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Thunder in the Ozarks, Revisited

I tried to go to War Eagle yesterday to get pictures after a very rainy weekend, we had 6 inches Saturday afternoon at the house. The road was closed, so here is a link to a news article in this morning's paper with a picture to show the flood conditions today.

Those that toured the War Eagle Mill will see the big difference the water makes to the location.
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Re: Thunder in the Ozarks, Revisited

Bill, thanks for that article. I've been to the mill several times with biker groups but have never seen the water that high (or any where near that level}. I sure wish they had a picture of the water wheel. Sure am glad they're fixing the bridge, though.
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Gary & I "surf" PikesPeak
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Re: Thunder in the Ozarks, Revisited

Thanks for showing this to us, Bill. As it turns out, the rain we had while we were there in March was only a minor inconvenience in comparison. Looks to me like the water wheel is just about completely underwater in that picture.

While you were getting 6 inches in Rogers, we got close to 8 here in Tahlequah. The Illinois River that runs next to town here, came within less than 1 inch of an all time record flood stage at over 29 feet above normal. We appreciate several of our TBN friends, including you and Becky, that checked to make sure we were on high ground. The levels have gone down quite a bit, but we may get up to 2 inches more on Wednesday. That will put us around 18 inches in the last couple of weeks or so.
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Re: Thunder in the Ozarks, Revisited

I drove across that bridge, don't think I would/could now.
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Ron Elizabethton, TN Donating Member
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Re: Thunder in the Ozarks, Revisited

Wow, glad everyone is safe.
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