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Thunderbird Of The Month Contest for TOTM

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Old Oct 31, 2009, 10:57 AM   #1
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Re: Rules for entering photo for TOTM

There have been some very good photos that members have taken in the past that we have not allowed to be in the TOTM contest. We are changing the rules to allow photos to contain multiple cars if so desired. Another change is that we will continually accept photos for the TOTM contests but only 10 will be entered for each month. For example, if I get 15 entries then the first ten will be in the next months contest and the other five will be in the following month's contest. If you submit a photo and it doesn't make it into the current contest, it will be entered in a subsequent contest.

Here are the revised rules:
1 - The photo can have multiple thunderbirds in the submission. Only the person submitting the photo will receive the credit for the photograph.
2-A Photo used in the thread Thunderbird Picture Challenge can not be submitted for Thunderbird of the Month.
3 -A photo submitted must not be used at the same time as your avatar.

4 - Only 10 submissions will be accepted for each month's contest.
5 - Submissions can be made at any time and will continually be accepted. It will be the first in first out procedure for getting into the contest.
6 - Must Be a Member
7 - Cannot be submitted but once in the past 6 months if you have won TOTM. If you have the winning photo, you or your spouse/partner can not submit the same car for 6 months.
8 - One photo entry per member
9 - Photo can not be taken by a professional (unless that is your job)
10 - Once your entry has been accepted and posted for voting you can not withdraw from the competition.
11 - No vote solicitation or campaigning- If it is found that a photo has been the subject of vote solicitation or campaigning, it will be removed from the contest immediately.
12 - Your photos have to be emailed to the following email address:
- Submit the photo in a jpg format no larger than 800X600.[COLOR=blue]
- You must provide both your TBN User name and your actual name.
- There will not be any response to any email sent to that account. It is to be used solely for submitting your entry.
- We all look forward to seeing your entries.
Good luck to all.

Last edited by Gobird; Feb 22, 2016 at 01:23 PM. Reason: Revised Rules
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Re: Rules for entering photo for TOTM

Everyone who wants to enter TOTM, please read the rules.
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Re: Rules for entering photo for TOTM

Updated the rules and reminding people to read before submitting.
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