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Covid-19 victim John Rowe

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  • Covid-19 victim John Rowe

    John Rowe, although not a TBM Member, was a true believer in the Thunderbirds. He was a past president of the International Thunderbird Club, a board member and the Concours chief judge. John was not in good health lately, and the covid-19 has claimed him as a victim.
    John was a good friend and will be deeply missed.

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    Sad to hear.
    02 Nieman Marcus-SS htp-f/sil. #165 - 21 states-DC
    02 TB-TB htp-p/blue acc.-Nancy Gioia-28 states-DC
    03 007-Coral htp-f/white acc. #468 7 states
    03 WW-WW htp-p/red 8 states
    04 VMG-VMG htp-p/white - 20 states-DC
    04 Merlot- Merlot htp-sand- B. Grassnig-48 states-DC
    04 TR-TR htp-blk 20 states-DC
    04 LIB-LIB htp-p/white 16 states-DC
    05 Cashmere htp-stone #408 21 states-DC
    05 Dusk Rose-DR htp-cashmere seats - 48&DC
    05 IG-IG htp-p/white #82
    - 48&DC


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      So sorry to hear this . John fought and won many battles over the years with health issues . Our condolence to his family . Rest in peace John .


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        Sorry to hear this news. John was a good guy.