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  • ECM

    Hello - New to this site but appreciate it very much so far.
    I have an 03 Thunderbird with a faulty ECM - part number - 4w4z- 12a650 zarm.
    My mechanic has tried to install refurbs but has had a problem with configuring and interfacing with the vehicle.
    Anyone know how to get this part new? Anyone with advice?

    Thank you very much.


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    Tom the attached thread lists re-manufaturers that many of us had luck with. One gentleman that I spoke to was obviously a one man operation and he did say that sometimes he had to have a unit sent back 3-4 times to get the interface correctly, but he did say ultimately it would be ok.

    Obviously you need a PATIENT mechanic. I am of the opinion that there are no new units to be found now or in the future. Good luck!
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    Bill Coates-Canfield, Ohio
    2003 -THE GREY GHOST- MSG, Saddle with Saddle dash kit, door panels, boot and visors


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      If you don't have your original fixed I believe the only alternative is to have FORD flash the replacement so that it matches your VIN (assuming we are taking about the PCM and not another module)