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  • New radio install

    Just picked up a new radio with nav, phone, etc. The mounting plate is dash panels are a beigey? color that comes with the sand interior of a 2004 Merlot. Anyone have any luck with matching paint? Seems a step above Home Depot is called for. Any ideas?

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    Pop out the little piece just forward of the shifter and below the A/C-heater panel and take it somewhere and have them match it up - or do it yourself...
    You have to pull that piece anyway to install the radio.

    My '02 red interior is nearly a dead on match with Rustoleum Satin Candy Apple for instance.


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      Years back, when I did Merlot with the bronze panels, I used Tower Paint for the match. Alas, they are no longer in business, that I can find. Do a Google for spray paint matching and something should show up.


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        You can take your piece to any auto paint store, they can match it.
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