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What gearbox dö we have?

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    Originally posted by 2Redbirds57/02 View Post
    The jaguar S type had a six speed Transmission where the Tbird has a five speed transmission. I doubt they are interchangeable..
    Oh yes that Will maby mess with THE computer
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      Originally posted by Elky64 View Post
      Don't forget 2000 to 06 Lincoln LS. Probably equally rare where you are, but still a possibility.
      Yes they are rare i have never seen one but Good to know
      I Started out with nothing and I still got most of it left


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        Originally posted by BillyL View Post
        I thought the Jaguar "S" type in the same year model as our birds had the same engine and transmissions. Fredrik may have better luck finding a jaguar part or a jaguar mechanic for a second opinion.
        You are correct, the platform on the LS was the same and the Ford Motor sold over 260,000 of those Lincoln LS models. The 1999-2002s had the 252 hp engine and the 2003-2006 lincolns had the 280 hp and they all had the 5 speed automatic some had selectshift too.

        The Jaguars were similar but to justify the higher price, Ford made a 4 liter not just a little 3.9 liter in the Lincolns and Tbirds. They probably added another gear and said Jaguar has a six-speed. I don't know about that. Now some Car manufacturers are putting 10 speeds in some models, like a bicycle. Really, all that horsepower and they need 10 speeds? Fuel economy, I suppose. The Hybrids usually just use a CVT, Continuous variable transmission. Remember "Buick's Dynaflow", I do. It had to be the first CVT!
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