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2003 Colors - The Latest Scoops!

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  • 2003 Colors - The Latest Scoops!

    Hello Everyone!

    Great Forum! So, what's the SCOOPS on the New Colors for 2003 T-Birds? I need to know since I'm getting the 2003 Premium with hardtop, and I would LOVE to get the Corral color....BUT the Bullet Grey? would be very very nice with that dark, chocolate color leather!

    So, what's thye word? Oh, visit my website as well! Here I'm keepng the Santa Fe and buying the T-Bird as my backup!

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    Colors are known and I keep them posted on my website on the 2003 rumor page
    Mountain Shadow Gray - metallic (Gunmetal Gray) & Desert Sky Blue (robin's egg blue)

    interiors will probably be the same midnight black with red inserts and white inserts available. we haven't heard any other interior colors mentioned.

    The coral color name hasn't been released yet either so don't even know if they've picked a shade yet.
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      Hi there! Thanks...So where is this website of yours? I can;t find it. Please direct me to it so I can read and check out your stuff... Well then, I guess Ford "may" take their time with the Corral color, if indeed they put it out....however, that gunmetal greay as you call it, would sure look nice and I'd get that one instead.... if you could kindly direct me to your website I'd be mighty obliged thanks again


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        5bird7's website is: thenewtbird
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          The paint color code (for touch-up tubes. etc. ) for 2003 are:
          Torch Red (7042)
          Evening Black (1724)
          Whisper White (7018)
          Mountain Shadow Grey (7039)
          Desert Sky Blue (7098)
          Coral (?)
          Perfect White (1028) - Top on Non-white cars

          Unique 2002 colors were:
          Inspiration Yellow (7041)
          Tbird Blue (7016)
          Satin Silver (7049) NM top only

          Use these numbers to help your parts counterperson identify the correct touch-up paint for your vehicle. Get a tube soon. Duane


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            Thanks for the link! I 'll be sure and check it out and bookmark it too!


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                Carlos, I'm confused as to why you moved a almost 16 year old thread to the top of the list?
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           trip down memory lane! Brought back all those enthusiastic nuances for those years - great commercials, new colors, etc. (sigh)