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Windscreen advice needed

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    Re: Windscreen advice needed

    Well, I guess we never heard from Greg again.

    I bot the windscreen from Thunderbird Concepts and installed it.
    I didn't like it.
    If there was a car in front of me with their brake lights on, they would reflect off the windscreen into the rear view mirror.
    And when I finally took the car out one night, in heavy traffic....
    The myriad of lights shining in my mirror was overwhelming.
    So I sent Aaron an email and he will take it to find a way to pack it.....

    After I decided I didn't like the plastic one, i looked at LoveTheDrive and sent them an email asking when the testing would be done.
    I was told it is time!
    So they sent me one.
    It is a nice looking unit. I don't like the turquoise logo tho....

    I haven't been able to install it.

    Bet I could on that trim piece up in Sealy's post from May 4th.........#40
    But not once the trim piece is in the car!

    If you look at the trim piece that has the snaps for the boot on it, you will know what trim piece I am talking about.
    They want me to mount a bracket (2) on the trailing edge with two thumbscrews on it.
    In my car, there is a heavy black "cloth" piece that abuts the trim piece.
    It is the lining for the "Cubby" that the soft top folds into.
    It is physically impossible to get the bracket with two thumbscrews sticking up
    between the cloth and the trim.
    I have no intention of cutting or tearing this piece.
    So I have sent them an email.
    They will get back to me monday I am sure(They have been excellent at answering questions).

    Bottom line, don't order one yet.

    If I thought I was going to have to test this thing I would not have ordered it.

    After looking the situation over, all I can say is they have a challenge.

    I put one on my Miata years ago (ASC) and it was easy and sturdy. Not sure there is any way to match that installation on the Bird. As I remember the miata used some existing holes into the body to hold the brackets. Solid. And easy to install. Then it was just snap in/snap out.
    Invoice $38,457 - Sold new 9/15/2003
    One of twenty two built like this
    She was a good one. Sold 12/30/2014.
    Replaced with 2013 Infiniti G37 Coupe.
    A lot better car and even more exclusive, but doesn't have the Cachet the Thunderbird had. Adios, mi Amigo.


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      Re: Windscreen advice needed

      I kinda like the concept mentioned by Bobby (#41) but don't think I like the double screen to look through. Also no mention of how to store the screen. It does still give access to the back storage area.

      I bought a small canvas covered ice chest (hard plastic inside that is waterproof) that holds a 6 pack for about $15 at WalMart. It fits real well in the space behind the seats. Has a velcro latch that is easy to get into while driving vs a zipper I have seen on some of the smaller coolers


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        Re: Windscreen advice needed

        I went with the one from Windblox, they offer different tints and it snaps to the snaps for the boot, I do not have a problem with glare and I like it.


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          Re: Windscreen advice needed

          The one I have I bought used off ebay,I think it's a windblox type.So far I've used it twice the rest of the time it was in the trunk.Now it reside's behind the sleeper couch in my second bedroom.Forn the real profectionest it takes up the snap location for the boot and does move a bit.I would like a more fastened one that is removable as some vehicles have.
          We did have a member making his own from a Camero ,what happened to that one ?

          Just went to page one and found all I have written there.Sorry for the repeat.
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            Re: Windscreen advice needed

            I found the best windscreen is one of my trusty baseball caps; preferably Detroit Tigers (loved someones spelling Detroit as Detriot) and my Ray Bans. Works just fine.