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  • Replacement Convertible Top

    Recently purchased a 2002 black-on-black Thunderbird (Base Model) & am in the process of refurbishing it. Engine's fine, interior fully updated and it's being repainted next week.

    The issue is the"soft" convertible top; it had not been raised in over 16 years by the original owner. It looks great when up but, there's been quite a bit of "shrinkage", as in the canvas barely touches the top of the glass window. It needs replacing.

    The good news is there appears to be an endless supply of after-market soft tops available for sale in the oem configuration that include a heated glass window.
    Unfortunately, I don't have a clue which one to get!

    Any recommendations about what material to use & from what seller is appreciated. I live in Texas, just north of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in Denton, Texas. I mention that because I'll probably need an installer too.

    Thanks for your suggestions,


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    Have you tried letting it sit out in full sun for a day or two? It may expand back to original size. It’s worth a shot.


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      Had the same idea; left out in the middle of a heat wave. Nothing happened.

      Thanks for the though though.


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        Convertible tops are a specialty, just like A/C repair or transmission work. IMHO go and find a convertible top/upholstery place that you are comfortable with and let them do the job.
        It's like finding a good non dealership mechanic; decent amount of experience, good referrals etc. You main request is for it to come out as close to stock as it can.
        Around here,New England they are getting $2400 +or - for a quality job.