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    Originally posted by EllisonCal View Post
    You deserve to win Paul, but just out of curiosity how many times has your TR won?
    Not Paul but my count says this is his 14th time. First was in March 2007.
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      Thanks for those that voted both for my picture and for the other 3 candidates. This picture was taken on New Smyrna Beach, Florida during Thunder East SouthEast in 2014. It was a fun day, with all of these guys getting rousted by the beach patrol for being too close to the water.

      I know just about every car in that picture had individual pictures taken by their owner at that time. I'm pretty sure Ron or Liz won a TOTM contest with a picture of the Dusk Rose from that same day.

      Dot is correct that this is Jewel's fourteenth TOTM win since 2007. It's the 5th photo to win that was taken from the rear of the car. I enjoy taking pictures of the car in the various locations we have been fortunate enough to visit. I probably have at least a dozen pictures in my queue for submission that I think are worthy of consideration. Since I have the pictures already, it's pretty easy to follow the steps to submit the picture to Spence for the contest.

      I'm afraid, if we don't get more participation, Spence will pull the plug on the contest. Only four pictures and only 55 voters is pretty sad. Everyone please consider submitting a photo in the months to come. If you are having trouble getting your photo downsized or want any other help with your entry, just let know and I'll do anything I can to get your pic in the contest. I can't enter again for at least six months, so I've got plenty of time on my hands.

      Thanks again for the votes, the kind comments and congratulations.
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        I only won once with "Annie" and it was a picture taken in Glacier National Park in 2009. I remember that it was probably the background that actually won TOTM for me. There were even some comments about too much emphasis being put on backgrounds at that time. But I, like you Paul, believe that just a picture of one of our cars in front of a white background just doesn't make a very good picture.


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          Congrats on TOTM.
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