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Happy Birthday 007Cruiser!

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    Hope you have a Great Birthday
    Birds of the 48
    15AGAIN has been in 48 States and 9 Canadian Provinces. Travelled many miles with great friends-- "Priceless"


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      How'd I miss your birthday? Maybe cuz I haven't been on TBN since the cows came home - youdaman, Gene...Happy Birthday.
      Best Joey-ism (Friends) ever:
      "The point is Moo. It's like a cow's's 'Moo'."


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        Originally posted by 007Cruiser View Post
        Thanks everyone. We’re going to have a rocking floor party! Just need Bob Stotts to spin some birthday tunes.
        Happy Birthday Gene

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          Gene, I Hope you had a Happy Birthday yesterday, I think I slept through it!


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            Now...Wishing Gene a speedy trip home from the hospital. Heck of a way to have to spend your birthday!! Prayers on the way from Zanesville for safe and productive testing that is coming.

            Get well fast, my friend!

            Bob & Susan Stotts
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