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Cox of NDSU headed to LSU!

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  • Cox of NDSU headed to LSU!

    NDSU's linebacker Jabril Cox is headed to LSU as a grad transfer! my oh my..

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    Shocking. I didn’t know that football players graduated. I had one in my Physics class at Virginia Tech. The guy showed up but constantly stared out the window. Amazingly he had an A when grades were posted.


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      Cox graduated with honors. In my senior year at NDSU, I was taking a 400 level night class in criminology with a visiting prof and it was mid-term. We had a star running back that showed up for the first time! The prof noticed him as he was the only black in the room of 30 some students. The prof said to the star. "I'm not predigest, but I am color conscious where the hell did you come from?" He asked him to leave. The next week the star was back! The proof stormed up to the podium with a letter from the athletic department he read. The letter said..'you're a visiting pro and we need this guy..look the other way'............


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        LSU will welcome him with open arms. LSU has done well of late with grad transfers in the lineup!! GEAUX TIGERS!


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          Does this mean he is going to play real football?

          Billy, I hope he has the impact that the Ohio State re-tread had on your team. Ole Joe is a hometown hero in Athens Ohio soon to be Ohio's football hero.
          Bill Coates-Canfield, Ohio
          2003 -THE GREY GHOST- MSG, Saddle with Saddle dash kit, door panels, boot and visors


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            Didn’t you guys know diploma means “certificate of attendance” in college football ?


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              Originally posted by 94mcd View Post
              Didn’t you guys know diploma means “certificate of attendance” in college football ?
              There are exceptions ... like our KC Chiefs' lineman.
              Three months after helping the Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory as their starting right guard, Duvernay-Tardif is putting his doctorate in medicine to use: fighting the coronavirus outbreak at a longterm care facility in Quebec.