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Ford Special Vehicle X Plan Pricing

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    Straight off the dealer invoice on two vehicles I mentioned: 2017 X Plan Friends and Dealer Commission. Mustang $202.14 - F150 $509.16

    D plan is not the same price as X Plan. On the Mustang dealer invoice, D plan is $25,626.24, exactly $100 over A&Z Plan. I can have a civil debate with anyone without calling them a liar or questioning their integrity. I think anyone viewing this post can make up their own mind and are probably tired of it by now and you are beginning to bore me. I will have no further comment in this thread. If you want to discuss it intelligently PM me
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      Ric, the next time someone asks me for a X plan PIN for an eligible vehicle, do you mind if I refer them to you first so you can tell them how to be a smart buyer? Then I will give them a PIN and have them go to the dealer and see which way saved them the most money and ask them to report their results on this thread. That OK with you?

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