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  • Suspension rubber boots

    I have owned my 2002 T-Bird since new and it only has 5,000 miles. Always garaged and never driven in rain or snow. Just replaced the fuel pump and was advised and shown that all my suspension rubber boots around all the different joints are drying out and cracking and advised they should be replaced. Of course with only 5000 miles all the various hardware parts(control arms, ball joints, etc.) are all okay and I just need the rubber boots or seals. Is there someplace where I can just purchase the rubber items without purchasing the rest of the hardware? Any help you can give would be much appreciated.
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    I believe these rubber bushing parts are available at your local parts store. I had the front end parts replaced on my 02 last year and my local garage had no problems getting the parts and doing the job for me at a very reasonable price. Going to replace the rear bushings next spring. Check with your local parts stores and or garage.


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      Dan may have had a need to replace suspension parts on his '02 Thunderbird, maybe many miles on the car or rough roads in Minnesota but I think your fears about the "dust covers" on the suspension parts may be unwarranted. These rubber boots are not like the rubber boots from the old days when they held the grease which you had a service station regularly add to the zerk fittings on your car's suspension parts. They are thin rubber, hold nothing in and split almost as soon as these cars are put in service. I bought my '05 in '06 with less than 10,000 miles on the odometer. When I sold the car it had 104,100 miles on it and except for front struts (shocks), I never had to replace a single suspension part. Maybe at 150,000 I may have needed to. I know some other members have, but the steering was as good at 100,000 as my wife's late model Subaru Forester. These "dust covers" have been used to sell retro Thunderbird owners needless suspension repairs for years, in my opinion.


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        When i bought my 03 four and a half years ago many of the dust boots were cracked and split but the bushings and joints still function as new today. If you drive on wet or winter roads a lot that may become an issue, IDK. I have driven highway in a few good rain storms but no worries yet .


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          Common problem with the Birds......Ford's supplier of suspension parts used horrible rubber on most of the joints, and they crack/split within a few years. Unless you have play in the joint, don't worry about it.


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            I have been playing with this issue since acquiring my Merlot a couple of years ago. These boots are in fact more than just a superficial item. They are there to retain the factory installed lubrication and prevent moisture and debris from contacting the ball and socket surfaces of the joint which will result in premature failure. In fact in some jurisdictions they would be cause to fail a vehicle mechanical inspection.

            I removed all of mine, removed the cracked rubber covers and cleaned the joint with Brake Clean so I could see what condition they were in. Well, as expected, they were all in As New Condition, which I expected at only 30,000 miles. But now what to do? I can't just leave them exposed so I got out my McGiver brain and decided to inject new grease back into the joint and reseal them using a wrap of Rescue Tape which is a Silicone Based tape that has been around for a while. I call it Electrical Tape on steroids.
            Anyway, that was about a year ago and so far the Tape is holding up but it really lacks in appearance if ya know what I mean.

            A while back my friend John Anderson (Merlot owner and TBN member) sent me an eBay link for some boots sold in the U.K. For the Jaguar. To date I've not been back into this project but my intention was to do some measuring and see if these will do the trick replacing my McGiver Fix.
            Im hoping to dig into this again over the winter and will post results if I do. But with all the Honey Doo items I'm making no rash promises.

            Here is the EBay link if anyone cares to dive in and check it out.

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