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A/C Problem on 2004 t-bird

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  • A/C Problem on 2004 t-bird

    My car a/c will not make cold air at an idle speed. If I drive 40-60 mph, the a/c makes cold air fine. The fan is always running. It seems the condenser has to have air blowing into it to make cold air. If I remove the black styrofoam brace behind the grill, would it let more air come through? Anyone else have this problem? Any help appreciated.


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    If the ac compressor uses a scroll valve I've seen them give problems on say a Ford 500. They tend to not have enough suction at low rpm but at high rpms does ok. Hook up gauges and see what's going on. If that is what it is you can modify the valve by putting spring on other side perhaps or replace it. I'll do some checking. Perhaps it's just low on freon.


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        sounds to me either low freon or ac clutch slip . I just replaced ac clutch on my dodge ram exact same symtoms
        usually if freon is low the clutch will cycle fast.. engage /disengage .. I have heard of expansion valve failure has same symtoms
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