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    It's possible that everyone who wants LED headlights has figured out a way to have them by now but FWIW, I am very pleased with these and they are reasonably priced. They are truly plug n play with no error codes. They are specifically designed to replace halogens so they should be perfectly legal. They certainly have less light scatter than some others I tried. Even the factory retainer rings work with them. My only complaints are that the instructions are a bit less than clear (obviously translated into English poorly) and they could make it a lot easier to orient them correctly by putting a mark on the heat sink that indicates the top.

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    They sound like a good alternative, Duane, thanks for sharing your information with us.
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      Thinking about getting these. How long have you used these? Thanks.
      They are Here. Scotty, beam me up!
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        At this price, I ordered a eyes, at night, sure ain't what they used to be...


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            Originally posted by Gobird View Post
            Thinking about getting these. How long have you used these? Thanks.
            Two months. Previously I had Sylvania ZXE HIDs. I find these much better.


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              You have to be careful with these things - the cheaper eBay versions have internal fans vs the "fanless" offering in the previous post from Amazon...

              The fans make a whirring noise when running and, in some cases like my Tundra conversion, can be quite loud. The fans can also interfere with some electronics. The aftermarket LED lights in my Corvette have fans that create static in the radio.

              There is a reason some things are cheaper.
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