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  • This Day In Thunderbird History

    This Day In Thunderbird History

    February 15, 1954

    “Thunderbird” is officially chosen as the name for Ford’s new sports car. A Ford stylist, Alden “ Gib” Giberson who had lived in the southwest submitted the winning Thunderbird name. The name is derived from the Native American legend of a mythic bird that created thunder and lightning. Giberson was supposed to receive a $250 suit for submitting the winning name. A suit at that price range was allegedly not available in the Detroit area so he received a $100 suit (still pretty substantial in 1954) with two pairs of pants.
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    This is a frightening excerpt from the link below...
    (although I kindof like the name 'Wombat", it may not fit the image of a personal luxury car even if they are really cute)

    "Ford's team came up with names such as Beverly, Hep Cat, Debonnaire, Playboy, Savile and Tropicale, not to mention wilder names like Arcturus, Carioca, Dagmar, Esquiline, 999, Snipe and Wombat."
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    Bird is the word.....
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      Thanks for this, Rusty. Also, wasn't one of the names under consideration "Detroiter" ?
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