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Blower resistor pack replacement

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  • Blower resistor pack replacement

    Have any of you figured out a way to change the resistor pack on at 2003 T-Bird without removing the dashboard?

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    Yes, just completed this job on my 2005 last weekend. Removed glovebox, remove the plastic housing that directs airflow to footwell, remove blower fan cover and motor, remove the lower half of the blower motor ducting so it can be moved around a bit and give more space to remove resistor. There is an 11mm nut on the firewall in the engine bay, which is accessed the easiest from under the car. From inside the footwell this looks like a plug or a rivet, but is actually a long fixed bolt. Then remove the wiring connector to resistor and remove the 8mm screw from resistor, so it is free to move around. I then cut a larger hole in the body of the fan ducting, using a Dremel, to allow the resistor to be lowered and jiggled around and then removed with a little force and cussing. The area removed is a little more than a square inch and when the replacement is installed you can see the body of the resistor will cover the hole you have made. If there is any hole not covered you can use a flexible type body gap filler or something similar to fill the gap. As long as the post that the resistor screw uses remains, you should be fine. The job took about 2 hours and resulted in a sore back, a few cuts etc but far preferable to 8-10 hours plus and the likely busted plastic clips etc if you were to use the removal of the dash method.
    Use a good bright light too, it really helps!


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      Oh and should have mentioned that before you go through all that, disconnect from the suspect resistor and connect to the new one just to make sure that is your problem. Lol


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        Thanks Ian.
        Does that work on left hand drive cars too? LOL
        Good point about verifying if that is your problem first!!!!