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  • Replaced gas cap

    While driving the bird last Sunday the dreaded check engine dash alarm light came on. Went to a Autozone store and got the code checked, P-0456 very small leak in Evaporative Emission System.Being the easiest fix, I rolled the dice and ordered a new motorcraft gas cap, p/n FC961 from amazon. Put the new cap on and the warning light still on. Will the light self clear or do I need to disconnect battery to clear light?
    Also the cap has "twist until click" printed on it. The new cap does not "click" when installed, but neither did the original one. Is this normal for your bird as well? The two caps are identical and the old one was the original part. I do not think the new one is defective so I want to clear the warning light before going further.

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    Mine did the same thing, but I used a OBD 2 scanner to clear the code, which never came back. The new cap, which came from Ford, also does not click. If the new cap solved the problem the light might go off, but someone else will have to address that. It might be worth it to run by Autozone and ask them to clear the code. Make sure the cap is firmly tightened. Good luck, Billy, let us know how it works out.
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      You will have to drive a couple hundred miles for the light to go out on its own. I usually turn it off with a OBD reader, then hope it doesn't come back on. The gas caps do not click for whatever reason.


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        Mine just locks in place. no clicking


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          No clicking.. Fuel cap 1.jpg
          " 911 sorry this number has been disconnected "


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            I had a similar issue on my 2005. Turns out they make two different gas caps. The first one they sent was wrong. I went toFord with original cap and the dealer again brought out the wrong cap. He then looked it up in the manual and to his surprise they made 2 completely different caps for the bird. I had to buy a locking cap from Ford.
            Turns out the issue was a leak on the top of my fuel tank which turned out to be a real headache to replace, they don’t make them anymore...
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