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    Another seemingly unsolvable problem has popped up. The home link system has worked since the car was new, three buttons, one for the main drive gate, the another for the garage door and the third is blank. There has never been a problem. We bought a new Honda Accord and the door opened for it and three other cars we bought after the Thunderbird when programmed exactly like the Thunderbird. For some reason the Thunderbird does not now open the garage door but still opens the main gate. The Accord opens both with no problem. I have tried reprogramming the TBird on both vacant positions and while the green light flashes and goes solid the door will not open. I have the original opener now on the sun visor but it would be nice to have the door open as before. No point in asking the opener people whose only reason for being is to give possible reasons for mystery opening and closing problems. The Ford dealer is no better as a source of helpful information. I am just wondering if anybody else has had this problem and if so, was it corrected and how. Thanks for any info.

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    There was a time a while back that you could contact the people at home link and I have used their help in the past to solve problems but it has been a few years since I have done so, with some research on google and some help from the folks on this site you may get your problem solved good luck. Earl


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      UPDATE here is the contact phone number for homelink (1800) 355-3515 keep us posted. Earl


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        I would have suggested trying to reprogram the garage door opener to the current or open position. But it sounds like you're already doing the right things to troubleshoot the problem.


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          Perhaps this may be of some help