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Upholstery repair near NYC (NY / NJ / CT tristate area)

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  • Upholstery repair near NYC (NY / NJ / CT tristate area)


    I am looking for someone to repair my Bird's driver seat (pics). Appreciate a referral / contact-info if you happen to know someone you can recommend near NYC.

    Many thanks -- Reza
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    One of our members found a set of seats in a junk yard for me. My drivers seat was shot. I got these from the junk yard for my 02 and they were like new. Got both seats for $300.00.
    They are Here. Scotty, beam me up!
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      If it's just a scratch, you may consider something like this product.

      Automotive Leather Repair Kits -

      Though I have never used this, but It looks from your picture that some of the wipe on 'touch up' products may work well for your situation. :-)


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        That looks so minor I wouldn't even concern myself with it. Your car is 19 years old and some minor wear is to be expected.


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          Gobird - I had less than satisfactory experiences with Junkyards so far when dealing with from a distance (for the Lincoln I drive daily). I am unaware any junkyard in the area that has parts for 7+ year old cars especially smaller production volume ones.

          @ Mujiir - Thank you for the link; really useful. I saw something similar on amazon at one point; might give it a try.

          @ Greg - You are arguably right. The car has less than 17,500 miles on it and I am a bit of a perfectionist. I am sure to get less picky after the first ding / scratch or two :-)


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            That looks repairable. If not a "do it yourself" using a leather product like Mujiir recommended, try taking the car to a professional detailer.


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              I agree that it looks repairable maybe just some dye.


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                used this on my Volvo Convertible and it was absolutely the best auto product I have ever used. contact them.


                Bill Coates-Canfield, Ohio
                2003 -THE GREY GHOST- MSG, Saddle with Saddle dash kit, door panels, boot and visors


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                  wcoates Thank you . The results in those pics look amazing. I will get in touch with them.


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                    Something I've used with similar problems on my 02 is a Slate Grey Sharpie magic marker. Use leather cleaner to prep the area and then the Sharpie to color the cracks. Follow it up with a leather conditioner. If the results aren't good enough for you, then you can always go for a professional repair.
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                      I have cleaned with Fiebings saddle soap, touched up with Fiebings pro dye and conditioned with Fiebings Aussie conditioner.