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Polishing Maisto 1:18 plastic hardtop?

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  • Polishing Maisto 1:18 plastic hardtop?

    I have several plastic components of Maisto 'Bird models with some minor scratches.
    I've tried to polish out the scratches using various compounds, toothpaste, etc., but
    all I get is a fine haze.
    Any clues on how to actually polish this soft plastic to its original sheen?
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    A jewelers cloth might work, it's impregnated with jewelers rouge (red polishing compound), which is extremely fine. Alternately, super fine micromesh sanding material at the finest level might work. Don't use a paper towel to apply, or polish out, it's abrasive and can scratch very soft material, use a fine microfiber, or flannel cloth. Simichrome might work, but try it on a small area first, and rub very gently. Let us know what solution you find.
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      Use a liquid wax with no abrasives and sprinkle Corn Starch on the liquid polish using microfiber towel. Corn starch is used with liquid wax to remove swirl marks from auto paint jobs.
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        I found talcum powder to be the better polishing agent for the soft plastic used in most models.
        I've not tried corn starch, but I'll report on it, but at this time, baby powder is my choice.


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          I've used this product for nearly everything plastic including clear plastic "soft" reaer convertible windows, boat windscreens and even to get the haxe off of an invisilble bra product on the front of my car (pretty soft material)


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            Perhaps something in one of these threads will work. Plastic modelling seems to be an altogether different world!


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