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  • Anniversary

    After "managing the wait" for a few months, 21 years ago today, Starr Motor Company of Stilwell, OK delivered our "Jewel" to us as I was getting off of work that Friday afternoon. I was definitely skinnier and had more hair. Since then, she's taken us 174.5K miles around the US and Canada. More importantly, she has been the catalyst for making so many special friends we would have never known. Best $40K we've ever spent and at this point she owes us nothing, yet she keeps on providing fun, fun, fun. While I'm always happy for new owners, I feel sorry for them having missed out on all these years.

    Pictures 237.jpg
    21 years, 174K miles, 48 States X 2 & DC, 9 Canadian provinces, 8 European countries, 3 Caribbean Islands, 3 Hawaiian Islands, 100+ National Park locations, 150+ T-bird events, 190+ retrobird diecasts/models, 13 TOTM pics & some very special friends...THANKS TBN !

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    Congrats! You look a lot younger there, but then again we all did 21 years ago!

    FUN X 3 still hasn't forgiven me for missing our 20th on 7-24-22.
    PK- 2002 Premium Blue/Full Accent/Whisper White Top VIN#16336
    Built April 22, 2002
    Purchased July 24, 2002


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      Paul, you said all that needs to be said for the original owners.
      They are Here. Scotty, beam me up!
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        Hey, Paul, beautiful car you've got there, your Retro T-Bird looks exactly like mine. They were probably built right about the same time, too. (My car's build date was 8/2/2002). I wish I could have driven my car for 20 years, but the previous owner had the privilege of driving it, even though he only drove it 64,000 miles. I've only had it three weeks. Congrats on your 20th Anniversary, and I wish you many more safe and happy (s)miles!