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Interesting article.

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  • Interesting article.

    The Ford Thunderbird is mocked often today, but it shouldn't be. It's a V8, rear-wheel-drive luxury coupe with a design we really need today

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    Interesting article for sure. When I go anywhere, the car always gets "nice car", or "what is it", or many other comments, always positive. I still love driving it and looking at it. Sure I've had it for 23 years and put nearly 200,000 miles on it. It's had a few problems, but all solvable. We've met great friends over the ears, had wonderful travel experiences with them all of which would never have been possible if we hadn't bought this car. Sure $40K was expensive 20 years ago, but it couldn't have been spend in any better way. Love the car, love the friends and love the memories.

    Unbelivable TBN trips including ALL of the lower 48 States plus 9 Canadian Provinces, 8 European Countries, 3 Caribbean Countries, Countless National Parks and have attended well over 100 TBN Events since 2001 and counting. Best of all ... fabulous friends.


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      Nice article and agree with David (that hurt to type ) confirming everything I already feel about my 21-year-old part-time driver that I love that is approaching 180,000 miles.
      Bird is the word.....
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        For once….a very well-written article praising “our babies”!! We have owned 13 Thunderbirds over 56 years of marriage and 5 retros. I love to walk around our 007 in the garage and tell “James” how handsome he is.


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          Well written..still love mine 117k


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            It's nice -and timely, to see a positive article about our cars, it's certainly not to late to give it some praise. Thanks for sharing this article, Jose!
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              I agree with David A, 15AGAIN will be 23 years old in November and has over 200K miles on it. The friends made and the things I have seen is well worth the cost involved. In about one week I will be retired for 20 years and 15AGAIN has made those 20 years great. Thanks to all of you that have been a big part of that. Looking forward to September and seeing some of you again.
              Birds of the 48
              15AGAIN has been in 48 States and 9 Canadian Provinces. Travelled many miles with great friends-- "Priceless"