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    Trying to delete some PMs from my box. Hitting the delete button on the very top of the posts and when that didn't work I checked a couple of boxes and used the trash button in the left of the posts in the drop side menu box. Neither are removing those marked posts. Help please!
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    Try this; check the boxes next to the messages you want to delete then go to top and click delete. You get a message that those items are going to trash, answer OK. Then go to trash and check the items you want to permanently delete and click on permanently delete. Hope this works for you. I think if trash is full you will still have problems, so maybe clear out trash to begin with.
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      Gordon, the way you described is how I had to clear out mine. My box had more than the allowed amount so took me several hours (slow internet) to delete the messages and "all of the trash", too.
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        I'm having ok luck with inbox deletes but sent not as good