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    Like I said, mine went at 80,000 miles but it was sitting in the garage. Cost was $800.00.
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      Originally posted by Gobird View Post
      Like I said, mine went at 80,000 miles but it was sitting in the garage. Cost was $800.00.
      Yes, mine gave out when it was in the garage too. Ran fine and parked it one day and the next time I went to start it, it wouldn't turn over.


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        I've had 2 go out - one in the garage, the other in the driveway. If they have to go, home is the best place as far as I'm concerned.
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          On Feb 8, 2019, our T-Bird made it from our mailbox, a block away, to our driveway where the fuel pump failed at 68,524 miles. The car would crank, but not start. Error code was P1237, Fuel Pump Circuit Fault. I could not park it inside the garage because it would not start, and could not push it up the driveway slope.

          I had our T-bird flat-bedded to our local Ford dealer on Feb. 9, 2019. Ford mechanics checked and verified the error code. They replaced the stock fuel pump and the pump fuse F4.18. On Feb. 19, 2019, the vehicle was ready. Total cost for repair was $1181.57.

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