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COPS and Ford's Premium ESP

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    Engine miss disappeared for a few months so I never did address the issue raised on post #1, however it restarted "missing" a couple weeks ago. Took it to dealer last week (Wednesday), and they ran codes on it and found the cylinder (#4), but said it wasn't coil. So they switched coil to another cylinder and tested it and determined it was the plug - pulled plug...nope. So then they said "it's the injector"...pulled injector...nope.

    So then dealership then said, "well, it could be a sticky valve" so they kept it over the weekend. Engine guy checked it on Monday (yesterday) and said, "nope, it's the coil on cylinder 4". So they replaced coil on #4, and I requested/paid for replacement of the other 7 coils (parts only - no labor). They said plugs were fine (32K miles), so we'll leave that to another day.

    I could have had it back on day #1 if the tech had done his homework (however, Ford Premium Care paid for me to have a Ford Ranger - hated to give it up).

    So now she has 8 new DG-529 coils in her.
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