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    Originally posted by BillyL View Post
    I also drive a PCR bird. I would value the cars at $13,500 to $15,500 depending on condition. A lot also depends on location. I would start by advertising here on the TBN forum and there is a Facebook site for retro birds. Just be patient, there are buyers out there, you just have to find the right one. Sorry to hear your need to sell your bird, good luck.
    I believe I saw someone post they wanted a PCR a week or so ago on fb and were claiming they couldn't find any of the limited editions for sale.

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      Timing is everything! Hope to get a posting up soon.

      Thanks again!


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        I always tell people when looking at these cars to make sure the shift center console gear indication lights work "PRND5-D1" when the dash light switch is turned on and the dash dimmer thumbwheel is turned up.

        If not the FEM (Front Electronics Module) most likely has a VERY common, troublesome-to-fix failure where the dash gauge lights also do not work.

        Be sure in your ad to show a pic with the shift console lights on in the will put knowledgeable, potential buyers at ease about the issue. The FEMs can have other issues (power steering, etc.) but this is the most common one.
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          Finally got my car posted here. Only able to post three photos. Can anyone suggest a good place to
          post all of my photos? Anywhere, here is the link:


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            You can put more up here. The limit is three thumbnails per post.