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Small toggle switch under dash

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    Finally figured out what the switch is for. Looks like it is for a dealer installed remote start upgrade module Audiovox Model AS 9075. You can disable the feature using the on/off switch with the "red handle". This was added on at the dealer where my mother bought the car. We never used the remote start as there was about a 10 digit sequence to start the car and it was soon forgotten. Has no effect on anything but the remote start module. The switch location appears to be in a factory hole, one of two used to hold the plastic tray up under the dash with pushpins.

    Sorry for the delay.

    Car has another odd occurrence I will mention in another thread.

    Thanks, JR


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      I'm surprised the dealer would install an aftermarket gizmo like that but so be it.
      Glad you figured it out though.


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        Thank you for researching that out.
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          Thank you for the update on the mysterious switch. It answers some of the previous questions about remote start options,
          such as

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